Atlanta’s identity is inextricably connected to Peachtree Street. From its southern most point downtown to its northern most point at the city's edge, it is a sinew that symbolically threads the city together. In terms of traditional urban form, Peachtree is at its most ceremonial when it runs straight; as a vector oriented cardinal north. The prominent example of this condition is defined as a 5810 lineal foot segment from Pine to 11th Street. A Line of Least Resistance takes a disciplined look at how certain extremities of Peachtree relate back to its 5810’ section of urban grandeur. Despite the meandering condition of the street, every photograph aligns with Peachtree's primary axis. Relationships are sometimes fragmented, complementary, disintegrated, clustered. Whether built, unbuilt, infrastructural or indeterminate, their juxtaposition suggests a coincidental, and unintended pattern of habitation. 


By Elliott Fuerniss and Peter Samuelson